Renault Digital Activations


I've worked for two years on Renault Digital account, mainly on social media activations or digital content following campaigns big ideas.
And I really did love the challenge of coming up with new concepts while staying in the line of the whole campaign spirit.
Here are two of my favorite digital content and activation jobs on this account.

Agency : Publicis Conseil
Client : Renault
Work : Art Direction, Conception, Digital Content
Year : 2020-21
Copywriters : Laura Kalfon & Marie Pujol
Creative Director : Marcelo Vergara

Renault Megane E-Tech – new openR dashboard teaser

Following the release of the New Megange E-Tech with the openR dashboard, we came up with this idea of teasing the new dashboard as it was THE new mobile phone in the fashion of major mobile phone companies while it’s in fact…way better.

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Renault Captur – For all your lifes

Working on Youtube bumpers or pre-roll ads is always a challenge because you have to convey the product spirit in this first few seconds before losing your audience skipping.
The whole Renault Captur campaign was playing with the versus idea of choosing a side and oppose them.
We decided to stick to it with those who only have the time to watch a bumper, the skippers, versus those who have the time to watch and appreciate good design and cars.

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