Capgemini The Future We Want


It's never easy to explain the latest engineering innovations, major technical and ecological challenges in detail while keeping them accessible to as many people as possible.

But it's always nice when your guide is a cheerful British journalist who occasionally breaks the fourth wall to include you, isn't it?

Agency : Publicis Conseil
Client : Capgemini
Work : Art Direction, Conception
Year : 2023
Creative Director : Michele Aglira
Director : Adrien Landre
DOP : Andy Collet
Production : Prodigious

The Capgemini helping the Nature Conservancy in the Mojave Desert to preserve the natural habitat of many species.

Stillshots from the videos

At ITER in the South of France, Capgemini helps scientists/engineers/technicians develop the energy of tomorrow.

Stillshots from the videos

In Malaysia and Singapore, Capgemini helps the Heng Hiap company recycling the plastic with new applications.

Stillshots from the videos