Le cloître & la prison


How to make a historical study about life in prison in the 18th century and life as a monk in a french cloister appealing to the audience? Make it an interactive documentary.

In collaboration with Lumento for the video/photography content and Alexandre Croizard with development, we organized this huge content into an interactive journey through Clairvaux Cloister to discover all the aspects of both prison and monastic life.

Le cloître et la prison was my last project as an User Interface Designer, motion designer and specialized Digital Art Director. It was also the project that helped me take confidence in my storytelling skills and take the leap to become a full fleshed Ad Art director.

Client : Lumento Prod.
Work : Art Direction, User Interface, Digital Content, Motion Design
Year : 2018
Copywriters : Lumento
Production : Lumento
Visit here : cloitreprison.fr
Awards : SOTD on CSS Design Award, Honorary Mention on Awwwards

The interactive journey –

From the gates to the cells, you’re guided to discover throught multiples themes the life of monks and later prisoners under Napoleon’s reign in the Cloister of Clairvaux.

The navigation challenge –

With that amount of informations and level of details, one of the biggest challenge was to come up with a system of navigation that allows the user the freedom of discover either linearly or by theme all the themes presentend here.

Gallery –