Nescafé Gold


To make your moment matter, the experts that craft Nescafé Gold must also have moments that matter in their working day, right?

In 2020, A new Nescafé Gold campaign was launched both on TV and on digital platforms : "Make Your Moment Matter".

We came up with the idea that every expert at Nescafé also have "their moment", centered around one sense each: the farmer seeing and picking the perfect red coffee cherry, the roaster hearing the cracking noise of roasted grains, the baristas smelling and tasting the perfect blend.

Due to covid reasons, only the roaster and farmer movies were done.

Agency : Publicis Conseil
Client : Nescafé
Work : Art Direction, Motion Design
Year : 2020
Copywriter : Laura Kalfon
Creative Director : Davide Boscacci
Director : Jean-Paul Frenay

Stillshots –

Digital assets –
The movies were also adapted to social media 9:16 formats with a strong focus on animations and supers’ readability.

Jean-Paul Frenay’s work –

I had the luxury of working with the director Jean-Paul on this project. He managed to sublime every detail of the torrefaction of coffee…I’m still stunned by the coffee grain actually being burnt for real while rotating for 3 hours, than accelerated to fit in a 1,5 second sequence. Worth it.

Print campaign

To cover the whole EMENA market, a serie of 4 visuals I designed was produced following the launch of the TVC movies an our digital films.