Ferrero Ice Creams - Concepts


When it comes to illustrate perfection, art and master craftmanship, nothing beats italian genius and celestial machines.

In 2022, A new Ferrero Ice Creams campaign was launched both on TV and on digital platforms.

We were in charge of coming up with 3 digital videos of 15 seconds around the concept of perfection : of their ingredients, of the iconic circle shape of the ice creams and their ideal moment of consumption.

We worked on two routes: the celestial machines first and the italian masters craft and principally Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.

The second route was bought until the brief went into another direction.
I kept them cause I'm really proud of our core idea and craft.

Agency : Publicis Conseil
Client : Ferrero
Work : Art Direction, Concept
Year : 2022
Copywriter : Kevin Pochic
Creative Director : Steve O'Leary

Storyboard – The Perfect Ingredients
From the core of the ice cream (the rocher) is drawn a perfect circle atound the other ingredients to create the Ferrero Rocher Ice Creams in the style of the genius-y / alchemist-y Da Vinci.

Storyboard – The Perfect Ingredients (2nd route)
This second route was evolving around the celestial machines and we used the pendulum as the fitting symbol of how the mastered collision of ingredients create the perfect ice cream.

Storyboard – The Perfect moment of consumption (2nd route)
Inspired by Prague astronomical clock, we wanted to illustrate how the alignment of every ingredients and core values of Ferrero Ice Creams create a perfect consumption moment.

Storyboard – The Perfect Ingredients (2nd route)